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Shirasu – Japanese whitebait



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Baby sardine. Tiny Fish, Big Flavor.

  • Weight: 400g (100g × 4 tray)
  • Wild caught from Japan
  • Frozen
  • Origine:

Shirasu is a small white or almost translucent immature fish, either raw or boiled young katakuchi-iwashi (Japanese anchovy), ma-iwashi (Japanese sardine) and urume-iwashi (round herring).

Generally harvested in summer and autumn, they are delicious all year round. Caught and processed in large quantities, the whitebait is either sold raw, blanched, or blanched and dried.

These are eaten in a variety of ways in Japan, such as boiled, dried, and raw with soy sauce. Kanagawa Prefecture is famous for shirasu-don, a simple dish of white rice, shirasu and grated daikon radish.

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Delivery Explained

Store in freezer after delivery and before use. Do not refreeze once thawed.

Few things go as perfectly together as whitebait fritters and sauvignon blanc. But ou can’t go wrong with a dry Italian White wine or similarly crisp Muscadet or Picpoul.