Shipping Information

Dispatching & Shipping

You deliver to….?

We deliver everywhere in Japan, but because we like to keep our products fresh and it takes 2 days to be come to your door, we do not deliver to Hokkaido, Kyushu and Okinawa. Concerned your area might be too off the beaten path? Send us an email to

When do you ship and how long does it take for my order to arrive?

All orders must be placed 48 hours prior to scheduled delivery date. Daily cut off time is at 12:00am. If we receive your order on Friday evening, we will ship the next Monday if there is no public holiday. Shipping usually takes 1 business day, but this also depends on the conditions of the shipping company (there might be delays especially around New Year and Obon) and where in Japan you are located.

How much shipping fee do you charge?

  • ¥1,150  : Tokyo / Ibaraki / Tochigi / Gunma / Saitama, Chiba / Kanagawa / Yamanashi / Miyagi / Yamagata / Fukushima / Nagano / Niigata / Toyama / Ishikawa / Fukui / Shizuoka / Aichi / Gifu / Mie
  • ¥1,260  : Kyoto / Shiga / Nara / Wakayama / Osaka / Hyogo
  • ¥1,370  : Okayama / Hiroshima / Yamaguchi / Tottori / Shimane / Kagawa / Tokushima / Kochi / Ehime

If your order exceeds ¥10,000, shipping will be free.

Who will deliver my order?

After we received your order, the seafood products are carefully packed and directly handed over to our logistics provider. We exclusively work with Kuroneko Yamato, as they offer a refrigerated transport service called Cool TA-Q-BIN. By doing so, the seafood products are maintained in chilled (0-10℃) or (-15℃ or lower if frozen product) conditions during delivery and arrive at your home at the same temperature as we shipped it.

Can I request a specific time for my delivery?

Yes, it is possible. You can enter your desired delivery date in the field on the checkout page, before placing your order. The following time slots are available:

  • Before Noon
  • 2pm – 4pm
  • 4pm – 6pm
  • 6pm – 8pm

You can also contact our logistics partner Kuroneko Yamato to request a specific time. Please use the tracking number, provided in your order confirmation mail. If you are prevented for any reason, please contact your local Kuroneko Yamato office for a scheduled re-delivery. If your package returns to us as undelivered we will have to charge you for the shipping costs (regardless if your order included free shipping or not).

Do you ship to overseas?

There are various regulations when transporting fish, depending on the destination country. So currently we are not offering shipping to overseas, but we are working on it.