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Maguro – Sashimi Grade Ahi Loin Tuna

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Premium salmon, with superior appearance and taste

  • Weight: ~500gr
  • skinless/boneless
  • Individually Vacuum Packaged
  • Fresh
  • Origin:

Beloved by the world’s chefs for its versatility, excellent texture, taste, and beautiful red color!

Our maguro is #1 sashimi grade quality. When it comes to sashimi/sushi-grade tuna, freshness is key, that is why we prepare your order the day it ships out of Toyosu.

To grade the tuna, we use a sashibo, which is a Japanese metal probe used to take a sample from the core of the tuna to evaluate the fish’s fat content and determine the value of the fish.

Bigeye or yellowfin tuna are of course prized for sashimi and sushi.

It’s best treated simply, either raw or rare, in poke, tartare, carpaccio or lightly seared on the grill or broiler.

Our gourmet seafood products are shipped and maintained in chilled (0-10℃) conditions during delivery and arrive at your home at the same temperature as we shipped it.
Delivery Explained

The best way to thaw our seafood is to remove the product from the original packaging, place it in a plastic bag, and allow it to thaw in the refrigerator for about 6 hours. If you require faster thawing, we recommend placing the product into a non-vacuum sealed bag and placing it in cool water for around thirty minutes to an hour.

Seafood ordered from Fishmonger should be kept frozen until ready for preparation. Items can be stored frozen for up to 12 months, but are best if consumed within 6 months of purchase.

Frozen fish placed in a refrigerator, at a temperature of 4℃ or below, must be used within two days after purchase.

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