Toyosu : World’s largest fish market

About Toyosu Fish Market

Toyosu Market (豊洲市場 or Toyosu Shijo, in Japanese) is the newest and most famous of the 11 produce markets throughout Tokyo that make up the Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market.

Toyosu Market opened on October 11, 2018 on the man-made island of Toyosu in the Bay of Tokyo. It took over the wholesale business from the aging Tsukiji Market and has at least the same capacity but in up-to-date infrastructure.

Located in the coastal line of Tokyo, it gets its fish and vegetables from all parts of Japan and also other countries. It is boasted as the world’s largest market, particularly for marine products.

Every day approximately 1,400 tons of fish are brought here for delivering them to places ranging from expensive restaurants to our dining table.

How it works?

There are 3 markets: a wholesale market for consumers, an auction market, and a fruit and vegetable market.

The products and supplies are brought in the market from 3 p.m till midnight  in the previous day and promptly laid out in the hall by wholesalers.

Before the “Seri” (マグロのせり or tuna auction) takes place, “mutual sale” transactions of one to one negotiations surprisingly start from midnight.

Subsequent to the auction of fresh fish that begins at 4:30, the auction of sea urchins starts at 5:00. Around dawn, preparations of the tuna auction, the main event in the market, reaches its climax.

5am – Gathering and preview

Intermediate wholesalers and authorized buyers look over products and supplies prior to auction. Purchase participants for supermarkets,… are also allowed to participate in the auction.

Quality is examined closely by looking at the section where tail of the tuna is cut.

5.30am – Start of the auction

The auction begins when the bell rings across at 5:30. Auctioneers handle approximately 200 live tunas and approximately 1,000 frozen tunas every day, chosen by wholesalers, with finger signs indicating the desired bid price of the purchasing.

6.00am – Tuna on its way out

The tuna is packed 1 by 1 in boxes and to preserve freshness, are covered with large quantities of ice and are rushed to the adjacent intermediate wholesale market building.

6.30am – The ballet of turrets

A lively scene of the turret trucks going back and forth, between intermediate wholesalers, who place their goods in their shops, which they purchased from the wholesalers. The marine intermediate wholesale market has about 1,500 segments and 500 traders.

Each store, like our partner has its own characteristics.

7.00am – From Toyosu to your plate

It is now time to cut the purchased tuna and prepare other products.

The big fish (おおもの or Oomono ): Tuna is delivered in the cut that best suits the customers, Akami, Chutoro and Ootoro.

Fresh fish: We also handle a wide variety of seafood such as shellfish, shrimp, crabs, sea urchin and processed products.

Top-end fish (とくしゅ or Tokushu): The fish selections for high-end sushi shops.

And so much more for your to taste.