Premium seafood delivered from Toyosu Fish Market

About Fishmonger

We have been dealing with fresh fish for generations at the Tsukiji Market and the fish bank of Tokyo, which has moved to the current Toyosu Market.

Toyosu Market is Japan’s leading wholesale market where excellent ingredients from all over the world are gathered. Fresh seafood is transported from all over the country, and the amount traded daily is about 1,000 tons, which is one of the largest in the world.

Our wholesale customers are restaurants such as sushi restaurants and restaurants with stars. In order to respond to the voices of customers who demand the best ingredients, we utilize the experience as a connoisseur cultivated over many years to search for and provide the best ingredients every day.

In 2020, many restaurants, which are customers, will be forced to close or shorten their business hours due to the influence of the new coronavirus, and the market is still in a difficult situation. Now that ordinary customers can’t easily go to restaurants, we launched FISHMONGER with the desire to deliver high-quality ingredients that reach the market to many people.

I hope it will be an opportunity for you to enjoy wonderful ingredients at home.

A wholesaler who has been in the family business for three generations since the Tsukiji Market era and is highly trusted by the most famous sushi restaurant in Japan. The spokesperson who wants to send to the restaurant formed a team and launched Fishmonger.

About Toyosu Fish Market

Toyosu Market (豊洲市場 or Toyosu Shijo, in Japanese) is the newest and most famous of the 11 produce markets throughout Tokyo that make up the Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market. Read more…

Our Mission

Delivering fresh, safe and delicious ingredients to your home from Toyosu Market
Choose higher quality ingredients with connoisseur work backed by experience and knowledge
Through the provision of seafood, we will cherish Japanese food culture and fish food culture, and carry out activities that can be passed down to children and grandchildren.

Fishmonger team



Public relations

While working to disseminate the charm of Japanese culture overseas, I met Tsukiji Market and Toyosu Market, and became involved with the people who work in the market. The people in the market are hard-working, have good tickets, are kind, and are energized every time they meet. The origin of this service is that we wanted to directly connect such a market with our dining table. Eating is living. I think that the work of connoisseurs backed by experience and knowledge is valuable because it is a modern age with a lot of information and too many choices. As the number one fan of Fishmonger, I would like to bring you the charm.

Kumaume Kazunori Kumakawa (Kumaume 3rd generation)

Kumaume Kazunori Kumakawa (Kumaume 3rd generation)


With a daily volume of about 1000 tons, which is the largest fish market in the world, our wholesale job is to find and buy the best of many ingredients. For many years our customers have mainly been restaurants. All customers are looking for the highest quality, including the super famous sushi restaurant with stars. In order to deliver satisfying ingredients to customers with a high level of demand, it is essential to have a very connoisseur’s job that requires many years of experience and judgment. I hope you can enjoy the best ingredients at home.

Fishtail Kitchen - Akira

Fishtail Kitchen - Akira


After working as a wholesaler in Tsukiji, I opened Fishtail Kitchen in Higashi-Ginza in 2016. The protagonist of the dish is fresh seafood purchased at Toyosu Market every morning. We aim to be a restaurant that maximizes the potential of the ingredients and can surprise and impress our customers. When I was an office worker in the Tsukiji market, I bought fish as a wholesaler and sold it to middlemen. Now that my position has been reversed, knowing the market situation and having a relationship with a wholesaler from the beginning are being put to good use in my current job. We would like to deliver wonderful ingredients through Fishmonger to those who cannot visit the store.