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Kaki – Rock oysters and Pacific oysters

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Often referred to as “sea milk” due to their high nutritional values.

  • Sizes: Small (60-80g approx), Medium (80-110g approx), Large (110-140g approx)
  • Dozen fresh oysters in the shell
  • Live
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They are packed with extra oxygen and proper insulation, so they arrive at your door fresh and ready to eat!

Oysters have a common perception that they are in season in winter, but there are two main types of oysters eaten in Japan: “Rock oysters” and “Pacific oysters.

Rock Oysters or iwagaki: During the summer months of June through September. The shells are thicker than those of the pacific, and the size and weight of the oysters are much larger.

Pacific Oyster: From November to April in early spring, the season is opposite of the rock oyster season. They are smaller than rock oysters. They are available all year round, fresh and cooked or frozen.

Oysters in Japan are delicious any way you eat them and are always fresh!

Our gourmet seafood products are shipped and maintained in chilled (0-10℃) conditions during delivery and arrive at your home at the same temperature as we shipped it.
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Because clams must be allowed to breathe to stay alive, store them in a single layer, covered with a damp cloth in the fridge, and use them as soon as possible— within two days.

Saltwater is often considered to be the more effective method as it mimics the clams’ natural habitat for cleaning.

Steamed clams pair best with the highly-acidic Sauvignon Blanc, or a dry Rosé. If the clams are cooked in creamy sauce, try a mid-range white Burgundy instead.