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Sake – Sashimi Grade Atlantic Salmon



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Premium salmon, with delicious looking color and taste.

  • Weight: ~500gr
  • skinless/boneless
  • Individually Vacuum Packaged
  • Frozen
  • Origin:

Our high quality skinless sashimi grade Atlantic salmon has a buttery mouth feel, firm texture, with a clean aftertaste.

It’s a combination of the strict aquaculture guidelines, the sustained commitment to quality and the pure, icy waters it’s raised in that result in the delicious taste of these prized fish.

These premium fillet portions are boneless and skinless for easy preparation. Perfect for showing off your knife skills at the table, it’s ready for you to transform into beautiful cuts of your choosing.

We prepare these ready-to-go sashimi back strips from large organically reared Norwegian salmon. These strips are cut from the thickest part of the loin of the salmon, ready for you to slice them horizontally.

While we prefer this salmon for sushi or sashimi, it’s also very good, grilled or  oven-baked.

Our gourmet seafood products are shipped and maintained in chilled (0-10℃) conditions during delivery and arrive at your home at the same temperature as we shipped it.
Delivery Explained

The best way to thaw our seafood is to remove the product from the original packaging, place it in a plastic bag, and allow it to thaw in the refrigerator for about 6 hours. If you require faster thawing, we recommend placing the product into a non-vacuum sealed bag and placing it in cool water for around thirty minutes to an hour.

Do not freeze as this will ruin the integrity of the fish.

Champagne/sparkling rosé, light rosé, dry Riesling (off-dry for nigiri).