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Kuro Awabi – Boso Black Abalone


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Delivery Explained

A true delicacy, live and ready to eat fresh upon arrival.

  • Weight: 1kg (~10 to 12 pieces)
  • Live
  • Sushi grade
  • Origin: Chiba

*Please note that we do not guarantee live abalone will be alive upon delivery.
This product is not coming from Toyosu, but Boso Peninsula – our main office.

They are packed with extra oxygen and proper insulation, so they arrive at your door fresh and ready to eat!

Among connoisseurs, Kuro Awabi, literally translated “black sea-ear“, is considered the tastiest awabi species.

Fresh and shelled, abalones are a sought-after delicacy. Because Awabi feeds mostly on kelp, it has a tasty meat with crunchy texture and fine flavor of ocean.

Frozen abalone usually have the shells and intestines removed, but adding some of its intestine (wata), they are not only edible but totally delicious.

Enjoy your Kuro Awabi as sashimi, nigiri, or sushi. It can also be grilled, braised, stir-fried, or steamed with sake. Every juicy bite is like a bliss.

Our gourmet seafood products are shipped and maintained in chilled (0-10℃) conditions during delivery and arrive at your home at the same temperature as we shipped it.

Delivery Explained

Store your fresh shellfish in the fridge, keeping the temperature between 0 to 5°C.

To enjoy them at their freshest, please consume them within 48 hours.

Chablis, Riesling and of course sake. If braised or grilled abalone, best wine to pair with is red.